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Annual Report and Accounts

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Supplier invoices paid within 30 days

Yarlington Housing Group is committed to transparency in its business transactions and is aware of its responsibilities to the local economy.  We are pleased to publish details of our performance of paying our suppliers within standard 30 day terms in compliance with the Crown Commercial Services.

Financial Year 2015-16

Percentage of invoices Paid within 30 days

Financial Year 2016-2017

Percentage of invoices Paid within 30 days

Annual Total


1st Qtr



2nd Qtr


3rd Qtr


4th Qtr


       Annual Average



Customer Feedback

 We want to improve – and you can help us!

We want to be able to reach as many residents as possible to understand satisfaction levels with our services and our homes, this is done via four different survey methods (email, post, face to face and phone).

Since April 2016, over 3000 properties have received our ‘How are we doing?’ satisfaction survey through the post. We have also completed this same survey with other residents during our community visits. We will be completing this survey over the phone and via email during the Autumn time too. We really value residents feedback and will contact residents to follow up their comments to ensure we improve our services in the future.

You may have also received one of our service specific surveys (repairs, ASB, complaints etc.), these are either postal or telephone surveys and are completed to gain a snapshot in time of our services.

If you see a survey arrive on your doorstep, please complete it and pop it back to us in the post – this enables us to learn and improve from the feedback we receive. We will be posting the results of our surveys onto this website, so look out for them!


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