Mutual Exchange

A Mutual Exchange is when tenants living in 2 or more separate properties decide that they wish to exchange homes.  Any assured tenant can apply for a mutual exchange with any other assured or secure tenant(s). Tenants on Fixed Term tenancies may also have the right to exchange where the tenancy agreement allows this. The other people do not have to be living in a Yarlington property.

There are certain rules about who is eligible for an exchange. You will not be allowed to move if you owe any rent. You must also have complied with the Terms and Conditions of your Tenancy Agreement and the proposed exchange should not lead to under occupation or overcrowding in either of the properties.

Your new home must be suitable for your needs. It must not be too big or too small. Some homes have been adapted or designed for people with special needs - unless you have special needs you will not qualify for these properties. If you are swapping with a tenant from outside Yarlington Housing Group, we will provide the other landlord with a report on you. They will provide us in turn with a report on our new customers. Once the exchange is agreed your property will be inspected and you will be told of any work that needs doing before you move.

To look for an exchange please use Homefinder Somerset as well as other websites such as Homeswapper, Exchange Locata and Gumtree.

For more information on Mutual Exchange or to register your details, see the application form in the useful downloads section on the right side of this page.
Please note: applications received will be required to pay 2 weeks in advance at sign up.

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