Visitor Induction Information for Yarlington Housing Group (Yarlington) at Lupin Way

Welcome to Yarlington Housing Group - We hope that your visit with us is enjoyable. Your safety is very important to us.  Therefore please comply with the following information, which is intended to ensure your health and safety during your visit.


We have limited visitor parking available to the left of the main building.

Security Arrangements

You must sign in when you arrive, and sign out when you leave the site.  You will be given a visitors badge which must be worn at all times.  On the reverse of the badge is basic guidance in the event of a fire or if you need first aid.  Please do remember to hand the visitors badge in when you sign out.

Doors to non-public areas are swipe access only.  Your primary point of contact will provide access as required. Please do not let other people follow you through the door.  All staff members must swipe prior to entry.

Access to the building is between 8:00 and 17:00, unless otherwise arranged.

Welfare Arrangements – to be discussed with your primary point of contact on arrival

•    Location of toilets
•    Location of kitchens / drink making facilities
•    Location of first aid rooms and first aiders
•    Where to get food if not provided
•    Location of fire exits and Assembly Point A and where the nearest fire alarms exist if you discover a fire

Visitors Must

•    Take reasonable care of the health and safety of themselves and other people
•    Cooperate with Yarlington in complying with health and safety legislation
•    Report any hazards or incidents that have or may lead to accidents
•    Wear personal protective equipment when required to or requested to
•    Only enter parts of the building where permission has been granted by an employee of Yarlington


For the health and comfort of everyone, smoking is not permitted within the building.


Yarlington accept no responsibility for items which are lost or stolen from the premises.  Please do not leave valuables unattended.
Report anyone acting suspiciously to your primary point of contact.

Emergency Procedures

Fire alarm tests are normally completed on Tuesday at 9.30am. These are sometimes held at other times for operational reasons. The test is completed by sounding the alarm for less than 10 seconds. If the alarm sounds for longer, it is not a test.

If the alarm sounds for longer than 10 seconds, leave the building by the nearest exit, and report to Assembly Point A (at the back of the car park). Where possible, remain with your primary point of contact or follow employees to their assembly point and await instructions.  Do not use the lift, return for documents or personal possessions or re-enter the premises until instructed to do so.  The receptionist or other nominated member of the Administration team (who will be wearing hi-vis vests) will complete a roll-call, checking the sign-in book to ensure everyone has evacuated.

If you are unable to self-evacuate, please ensure that the receptionist and your primary point of contact is informed, so that appropriate provision can be put in place if an emergency occurs.

Accidents and Near Misses

All accidents and near misses must be reported to your primary point of contact.


Please do not connect electrical equipment to the power supply unless it has passed a portable appliance test in the last twelve months, and carries a marking to show this.

Health and Safety Policy Statement – shown in Appendix 1

Click here to view the Health & Safety Policy Statement

A copy of the full Health and Safety Policy can be provided on request.