Yarlington Housing Group recognise that energy bills can make up a significant spend for our residents. We want to support customers in reducing these costs and have worked to develop a tariff that may be cheaper for many customers.

EnergySW is a new energy brand, in partnership with other housing providers in the South West and award winning OVO Energy. EnergySW aims to offer no-nonsense, competitively priced tariffs with excellent customer care for households in the South West of England.

You can get a quote and switch by ringing EnergySW’s free phone line, or on the internet:

0800 408 6716 (pay monthly)  0800 408 6720 (pre-paymentwww.energysw.co.uk  

You don’t have to have a recent bill to hand but if you have one you’ll get a more accurate quote.

Why not see if EnergySW can save you money? We can’t guarantee that everyone will be able to save money, and you may be able to save more by using a price comparison website.

Some of EnergySW benefits include:

• The same competitive prices even if you don’t have access to the internet

• Hassle free switching – it only takes a few minutes

• Free smart meters for pre-payment customers providing added top-up convenience and increased budgeting control.

• No tie in to any contract

• Free telephone numbers for customer services and switching


EnergySW Community Energy Programme - Home visits to help you save money!

Yarlington Housing Group understand that switching energy suppliers can make a big difference in how much residents pay for their energy but wish to further help residents reduce their bills by providing tailored energy advice in their home.

We will therefore be providing home visits to our residents which is funded through EnergySW. Home visits are optional and if a resident agrees to having visit they will receive advice relevant to their home and how they use it which has proven to save residents over £200/year. A visit will take approximately ½ hour.

We are currently providing home visits to Yarlington residents in the following areas;

Freedom Avenue,

Larkhill Road,

Springfield Road,

Marl Close,

Roping Road,

Pearson House,

Brinsop Crescent,


Chelston Avenue,

Elizabeth Flats,

St. Georges Avenue.

A copy of the letter can be found in the downloads section on the right hand side of this page.

If you haven’t received a letter about a visit and you wish to request one please contact:

Text 07860 022 888 giving us your contact details

Call and leave a voicemail on 0800 316 2243 


If you would like to discuss this with Yarlington Staff member please contact Neil Biddiscombe on neil.biddiscombe@yhg.co.uk or 01935 404 566.


1 Exit fees are not charged when you leave EnergySW. But you may be charged a fee to switch between EnergySW tariffs if within your fixed term contract.

2 Savings were verified through an independent audit in May 2014, showing the average savings from 20,000 properties visited between June 2012 and Dec 2013. Your savings can vary depending on your usage requirements, property age, size and heating systems.

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