Yarlington Next-Gen

Yarlington Next-Gen is our new corporate strategy which will run from 2017 to 2021. It exists to help solve the housing crisis in the south west.

Next-Gen is the catalyst for an exciting and ambitious new era for our organisation on the back of significant change for our sector. Unprecedented levels of demand, a fall in supply of new homes and affordability constraints, all conspire to prevent an increasing number of people from securing affordable housing. Our operations are further complicated by BREXIT, challenges to our income, deregulation and welfare reform.

Beyond the economic and social change, technological advancement continues to develop at pace. Yarlington needs to mirror the evolution of evolving services, to meet the needs of customers, employees and stakeholders.

Reflecting upon our changing landscape, our Next-Gen strategy demonstrates a fundamental re-examination of our organisation, but not at the expense of our social purpose.

There are three founding objectives that form the basis of Yarlington Next-Gen:

  1. Serve our 23,000 customers in the most economic, efficient and effective manner
  2. Significantly increase the number of new homes we provide in the south west
  3. Implement a new service and operating model, consistent with the needs of our customers.

In order to meet these objectives, Yarlington is committed to building 1,500 new homes across the south west, with 500 in Bristol, a new area for Yarlington in desperate need of affordable housing. We will launch a new 24/7 digital platform to communicate with residents more effectively and continue to support residents into employment through Inspired to Achieve.

The interdependencies between these objectives cannot be understated; each is dependent on the other. We are delighted to share Yarlington Next-Gen with you and welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you.