Grounds Maintenance

The new grass cutting season will commence on 3 April 2017.  Between April & October 2017 communal grass cutting will be roughly carried out every two to three weeks.

Please note, we will no longer be cutting the front lawns on our Ex CAT 1 Bungalows.  Residents affected by this change have been notified in writing. All communal grass on our Sheltered, Extra Care and General Needs Estates will be cut as usual.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on the details shown below.

Yarlington’s Grounds Maintenance provider is South Somerset District Council (SSDC), who have held the contract for this work since 1999.

SSDC were awarded the contract again in 2010 for a term of ten years. 

Matt Greer is our Client Supervisor and Sharon Young our Communal Services Assistant.

Our Aim

To ensure that:-

  • External communal areas are regularly maintained to a high standard and our specification.
  • To work collaboratively with the service provider to improve delivery and consistency of the service.
  • To ensure best practice is followed and provide good value for money.
  • To maximise the benefits to communities and neighbourhoods.
  • A high level of customer satisfaction is maintained.

What is and isnt included in external communal areas

Included on communal land owned by Yarlington (commonly known as communal areas).

  • Grass cutting of communal areas that form part of Yarlington’s management area
  • Hedge cutting
  • Shrub bed and rose bed maintenance
  • Inspecting trees (over 5 meters tall)
  • Hard surface/path maintenance (sweeping and weed control)
  • Clearing leaves from communal paths on high risk areas such as Sheltered and Extra Care Schemes.
  • Garage areas (sweeping and weed control)
  • Communal bench inspections

Not Included

  • Grass collection
  • Re-landscaping of communal areas (funded separately)
  • Cutting down, pruning or pollarding trees (funded separately)
  • Clearing gardens (private/resident)
  • Planting flowers
  • Clearing overgrowth from residents/private gardens that effect our communal areas
  • Maintaining and cleaning/sweeping pavements forming part of the highway
  • Fencing
  • Pressuring washing of paths and hard surfaces

When things happen

Grass Cutting

  • Yarlington provide a "cut and drop" service for grass mowing and do not collect grass as this does not form part of our Service
  • Every two to three weeks during the months of March to October
  • Two cuts during the winter months
  • Approximately 16 cuts throughout the year
  • Low frequency quarterly cuts are carried out during the months of March/May/July/September

Shrub Bed Maintenance

Shrub bed maintenance continues throughout the year with five visits scheduled. Visits are dependant on the season:-

  • March/April – Spring prune and weed control
  • May/June – Weed control and nuisance prune
  • July/August – Summer prune and weed control
  • September/October – Nuisance prune and weed control
  • November/February – Winter overhaul (re-stocking, re-mulching and weed control)


  • Hedges receive two cuts a year (one on Beech type/slow growing hedges)
  • This is dependant on growth and season
  • Usually the first cut would be undertaken during July and August (or once the bird nesting season has ended)
  • The second cut would be usually carried out in February and March before the bird nesting season
Tree Inspections

  • Tree inspections are area based over a four year programme.  

  • The management area to include towns, villages and schemes will be split into four zones, with one zone per year being inspected
  • A works programme will be undertaken once inspections are complete in towns, villages and schemes to include all works from the minor to the major type

Hard Surfaces

  • Works are undertaken throughout the year namely sweeping, weed control and moss clearance on general needs blocks of flats, Sheltered and Extra Care schemes
  • Extra Care and Sheltered schemes are scheduled for four visits per year being April/May, July/August, October/November & January/February, however, this is subject to review
  • General needs blocks of flats are once per year

Litter and Leaf Collection

  • Litter clearance is undertaken throughout the year as part of other operations
  • Leaf clearance is undertaken throughout autumn on our Sheltered and Extra Care Schemes only

Trees on Communal Areas

  • Trees are routinely inspected for Safety by our Contracted Arboriculture Specialists
  • A for year programme is currently being undertaken (commencing 2015) and is area based
  • Trees in gardens are the main responsibility of our residents, however, should you need advice or have concerns, you can contact your Community Co-ordinator for assistance


The following Yarlington ditches are being maintained twice a year:-

  • Channels Lane, Horton Cross (Garage Site)
  • Chestnut Close, Somerton (Beside #15)
  • Long Run, Odcombe (Beside #4)
  • Minchingtons Close, Norton Sub Hamdon
  • Mitchells  Row, North Cadbury (Beside #1)
  • Moor Close, Compton Dundon (Rear of #6-17)
  • Parsonage Place, Curry Rivel (Beside #55)
  • West Street, Templecombe (Adjacent #22)

Throughout May and December, SSDC will cut and clear any vegetation to ensure, where necessary, any gullies/culverts are kept clear of any waste.

Communal Services receive many enquiries/requests

  • Inspections, where required, will be undertaken within 30 workings days
  • Associated works are raised. Contractors have 30 working days to complete the jobs, however, on occasions these timescales may be extended where appropriate or the need arises.

How to get in touch

To report Grounds Maintenance issues, request an inspection or if you require any information, please feel free to contact us on the details below:-

Call: Yarlington First on 01935 404500