Furnishing your home

Furnishing your home can be an expensive business. Our advice would always be to start with the essentials and move on from there.

Buying second hand ‘pre-loved’ items will save you money but getting the cash together can be tricky, so we have included links to our local Credit Unions who may be able to help you with this.


Bridgwater & Taunton

Sedgemoor Furniture Stores 

Taunton Furnitrust 

British Heart Foundation Furniture and Electricals

St Margarets Hospice

Somerset Savings and Loans 


Devon Furnish


For an affordable loan to help you purchase items visit Plough and Share


Dorset reclaim

St Margarets Hospice


For an affordable loan to help you purchase items visit: Wyvern Savings and Loans

Downloads: application form etc.

South Somerset



St Margarets Hospice 



(http://yhg.sbstore.org) is a pay weekly furniture store designed to help you buy essential home items such as white goods, furniture and electrical products at up to 40% cheaper than other weekly payment stores.  With Smarterbuys you also save as you repay for your goods because at least 25p from the weekly payment you make will be transferred into a savings account just for you.

Smarterbuys offer our residents a choice of payment options; whether over the telephone, online, via a swipe card or by standing order - they will work with you to select the best option for you.

Smarterbuys work on not-for-profit principles to save you money when compared to similar schemes, they encourage savings and give you the choice to pay weekly.

'Smarterbuys website offers affordable alternative to borrowing from expensive lenders' Read more by clicking here.



If you are suffering hardship and after considering the options on this page; you feel you are unable to provide yourself and your family with essential household items;  then please contact the Financial Responsibility Team.