Help with debt

Before you look for help with your debts it is important to understand your household budget.  If you haven’t already done this visit our budgeting section here and follow the guide to complete your budget.

Once you have your budget completed and realise you are spending more than you have coming in it is important to get help straightaway. 

Debts are prioritised in order of importance; their importance is measured by asking yourself, what will happen if I don’t pay this bill?


 Q: What will happen if I don’t pay my rent? A: you will be evicted from your home!

It is important that you take action and there are lots of agencies that can help you.  We would advise you use a company that will not make a charge for their service, here are the ones we would suggest you try:

Links to:

If you are concerned and wish to talk over a solution with a member of the Financial Responsibility Team email or call  01935 404050.