Household bills

Taking a tenancy is a big financial commitment. It is important to know how much your bills will be as soon as possible.  Some of the most important bills are listed below, by clicking on the links you will find information to help set these up, once you have agreed the payments you can add these to your budget sheet. For help to prepare your household budget click here: for our 1,2,3 budget guide

For more information on paying your rent click here

Council Tax

Council tax is paid to your local Council and is used to pay for local services such as schools, the police and rubbish collection.

Contact your local council on the day you move in, let them know when your tenancy started and discuss how to pay and how much. If you are on a low income you may be eligible for a reduction in your payment. Remember to include this payment on your budget.

If you are on a low income you may qualify for a reduction to the amount of Council Tax you have to pay, discuss this with your local council and apply as soon as you know your move in date.

Click on the link for your local council below and search ‘council tax’ for more information-

South Somerset, Sedgemoor, Dorset, Mid Devon, East Devon, Mendip, Taunton Deane


You will need to let your local Water Company know that you have moved in. They will want to know the date you moved in, and if your property is fitted with a water meter they will ask for a reading (your water company can help you with this).

If you are on a low income or expect to use a lot of water because you or a family member have a health complaint, you may qualify for a reduction in your bill, contact your local water company to discuss.

Gas & Electricity

From the day you move in the gas and electricity supply will be your responsibility until the day your tenancy ends. Most Yarlington properties will have electricity and gas supplied by Southern Electric (SSE), although there are some exceptions, so it is a good idea to check, we have provided the telephone numbers below for you to check who your supplier is.

You will need to contact the supplier on the Home Movers line on the day you take your tenancy, you will need to register by giving your details and agree how you are going to pay for the gas and electricity used.

For properties that are supplied by SSE the numbers are:

For Pre payment meters – 08009802481

For Credit meters – 08001079639

You will need to provide the serial number of the meter and your address including postcode

If your property is not supplied by SSE then you can find out who your supplier is by calling the following numbers

For Electricity:

This is split into two areas southern and western:

Southern - Metering point administration services – 03450347474

Western - Western Power  - 08456015972 or

If you ring the wrong number, don’t worry they will advise the correct one.

For Gas:

Call 08706081524 for all areas.

You are free to choose your own supplier at anytime as the supply of gas and electric is your responsibility.