When to pay

The tenancy agreement you have signed says you will pay your rent either weekly or monthly in advance.  Rent is charged weekly and you need to ensure that your payment reaches us within the week due.  Making payments via the Post Office, Paypoint or Payzone should be made no later than Wednesday in the week due.

Paying rent monthly

Most tenancies attract four rent free weeks, so if you pay monthly, you will need to pay for four weeks every month to ensure you cover the forty eight weeks charged.  To ensure you have paid all the rent due by the end of the year you need to ensure you pay in the right payment cycle.  Please refer to guidelines below or contact a member of the Incomes Team if you are not sure.

Rent-free weeks

As previously mentioned most tenancies attract rent free weeks.  Although rent is not charged, we expect that if you have arrears you maintain payments through the rent free week periods.

The upcoming dates for these Rent Free weeks are:

  • 25th September 2017
  • 25th December 2017
  • 26th March 2018

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