Challenge & Change



Challenge&Change invites residents, as it suits them, to monitor Yarlington’s performance, identify areas for improvement and help to shape the future of services.

"Yarlington are committed to resident engagement and scrutiny. The business case is clear; raising customer satisfaction, improving value for money and constant customer feedback, which helps us to provide brilliant service." Gary Orr, CEO

There is no formal membership of Challenge&Change; come to reviews that you’re passionate about, or maybe join others on-line if you either can’t attend in person or would like to contribute to in a lighter way.

Each review consists of at least two workshops.

  • The first to understand the scope of the review, what you want to know, and to instruct an independent team (Yarlington’s Business Assurance) to carry out fact-finding activities to be presented back.
  • The second workshop is when we present back the findings for the group to draw conclusions and make recommendations for improvements.
  • In some cases there may be a need for a further meeting to gather relevant information.


The Chair of Challenge&Change is Yarlington resident Brian Jutson   who is also a Co-optee of Yarlington’s Audit Committee. The Audit committee is made up of members of Yarlington’s main Board and will oversee Challenge&Change ensuring its effectiveness, staff independence and review all reports from the group.

"I'm looking forward to working with a wider range of residents to challenge Yarlington practice and offer suggestions for change, and to build upon the previous work done by the Scrutiny group." Brian Jutson (pictured right)


Want to get involved?

We will be sending out information about future reviews through the Vibe,Yarlington website, The Yarlington Facebook Page.

For further information, please call on 01935 404500 or email: or click here

Co-regulation Day with the Yarlington Board

Challenge&Change recently held the Yarlington Board to account in the spirit of Co-Regulation. Click here to find out what happened when they spent a day questioning the board on how they tackled effects of the 2015 Government Budget, their service provision and future development plans.


Completed reviews


Responsive Repairs - Oct 2016

From August to October 2016 Challenge&Change held two workshops to scrutinise Yarlington's repairs service asking the question: "Is the quality of repairs and behaviour of operatives of an appropriate standard, and are appointments honoured uunless clearly communicated?"

Workshop 1 - What is under review?

Workshop 2 - The Findings

Final Report

Outlying services- May 2016

In May 2016 Challenge&Change held two workshops to discuss if residents in new, outlying areas have access to the same level of service as the traditional Yarlington communities.

Workshop 1 - What is under review?

Workshop 2 - The findings

Final Report


Complaints- July 2015

In May and July 2015 we held two Challenge&Change workshops, at these we looked at the current Yarlington complaints procedure and discussed whether it was still fit for purpose.

Workshop 1- What is under review?

Workshop 2 - The findings

Final Report

Damp, Condensation and Mould- November 2015

In November 2015 we held three Challenge&Change workshops, to look at how adequate the knowledge Yarlington and residents have on Damp, Mould and Condensation and how effective are the actions taken?

Workshop 1- What is under review?

Workshop 2/3- The Findings

Final Report