#HousingDay - 18th November 2015

18.11.15 celebrates the positive impact of social housing on thousands of people across the UK 

#proudtenant #proudstaff

Resident Zoe Rooney writes about #HousingDay and being a #ProudTenant in this honest and thoughtful account of her experiences as a Yarlington Housing Group Tenant ...

"I have seen much of the ‘Proud to be a Tenant’ campaign in articles and twitter.

I wasn’t sure why but this sentence bothered me.  Lying in bed one night, I had an epiphany, one that kept me thinking for hours.

I am not proud to be a social tenant but I am certainly not ashamed to be one either.

To be proud of something that I had little choice over seems a little ridiculous. I, like many others, was never in a position to get a mortgage and was very grateful when I finally got the keys to my two bed end terrace."

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