Service Charges

Service Charges Explained

Generally, service costs are allocated to blocks of properties. Your contribution is calculated by apportioning the costs over the total number of properties in your block, regardless of whether they are leasehold or tenanted properties. For example, if you are in a block of 4 properties, you will be expected to pay 1/4.

In some cases, charges are attributed to more than one block, for example where there is a shared access or shared bin store. In this case the apportionment is spread over the number of properties in all relevant blocks. All charges will be made in compliance with the terms of your lease. 

Please click here to see a guide of terms used on your invoices.

If you have any queries about your service charges, please get in touch.

Service Charge Timeline

Please click here to view a timeline of the service charge year. This shows you when you will receive estimated and actual invoices.

Ways to Pay

You can pay your service charge by any of the following methods:

Direct Debit

To pay by monthly or weekly installment, please get in touch to request a direct debit mandate and return to us. We will forward this onto your bank for you. Our Incomes Admin Team will write to confirm the amount of your installment payments at least 2 weeks before the first installment is due.

Debit Card

Please telephone 01935 404500.


Send your cheque made payable to ‘Yarlington Housing Group.' Please write your address and account number if known as well as an up to date contact number.

Definitions of the current service charges:

  • Communal cleaning - Scheduled cleaning of the internal and external communal areas of your block, which may include stairways, corridors, windows and bin or cycle stores.
  • Communal electricity - This covers the cost of providing lighting, heating, TV aerial (where applicable) and any other miscellaneous power supplied to internal and external communal areas.
  • Fire prevention/Health & Safety - Provision and maintenance of fire and smoke detection equipment.
  • Ground Rent - This is a fixed annual charge, as specified in your lease
  • Insurance - Our insurance policy covers the external and common parts of your building. It does not cover the contents.
  • Maintenance of Communal areas - Contracted maintenance to hard and soft external communal parts, including grass cutting, weed control and work to trees and shrubs.
  • Management Fee - This includes; collating and analysing the data to produce your service charge account, managing your account and leasehold services, collection of the charge and dealing with enquiries. In accordance with legislation, your service charge account is checked by an accountant and the cost of this is also included in your management fee. The full cost of managing leasehold services and processing service charge accounts is collected in the management fee. A two tier system of management fee charging is employed to represent the disparity in resources required toanage properties with communal services compared to those without.
  • Responsive Maintenance - These are rechargeable costs which may include special collections and ad-hoc cleaning. Repairs and maintenance to the internal and external communal parts of your block including T.V aerials, CCTV and door entry systems. This service is generally carried out by Yarlington Property Maintenance but may also be provided by a partner or contractor. 

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Please also see attached the service charge timetable

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