Managing condensation and mould in your home

‘Tis the season for mince pies, Christmas hats, presents and Santa. However, also making a visit to our homes at this time of year due to the colder weather is condensation and mould. Read on to find out how to minimise and manage this in your home and ensure furniture, fixtures and walls are not damaged by this unwelcome visitor…

The average four person household produces 29 pints of moisture in just one day due to everyday activities such as breathing, washing and cooking! As a result, every home gets condensation at some time.

When the air is cooler, such as in winter, it can hold less moisture so this is more easily released onto surfaces as condensation. If this is not managed it can turn to mould on walls, window frames, furniture, clothes and curtains. The damp left by condensation will also damage plasterwork and timber windows.

When you report mould or condensation problems to us we follow a process to help and advise you. This involves being offered specific advice around how to manage condensation and mould in your home in addition to a condensation pack being provided. If the issue persists it will be referred to your Community Co-ordinator who will review whether they believe the problem to be caused by condensation. If not, they may refer it to our surveying team for further investigation.