Report a repair

Please use this form to report a non-urgent repair. If your repair is urgent e.g. a burst water tank or electrical failure then call our 24 hour help line on 01935 404500.

Please be as specific as you can about the location and nature of the problem, giving as much detail as possible. This will help us to arrive fully prepared to make the repair.

Report a repair


You should consider very carefully the amount of contents insurance you have.

  • Altering doors for carpets.
  • All appliances, fixtures,fittings, extensions and additions.
  • Replacement of lost or damaged door and window keys
  • Filling small cracks in the plaster.
  • Replacing without delay any cracked or broken glass.
  • Repair and replacement of TV aerials or satellite dishes.
  • Repair and replacement of clothes posts and lines.
  • Plumbing-in of domestic appliances.
  • Repair and replacement of all front and back gates and fences.
  • Repair and replacement of toilet seats and lids.
  • Replacement of light bulbs and fluorescent tubes.
  • Replacement of bath, basin and sink plugs.
  • Repair or replacement of your own shed, porch, conservatory or other external addition.
  • Repair or replacement, where provided by Yarlington, of a shed.
  • Repair or replacement, where provided by Yarlington, of rotary dryers.
  • Repair or replacement, where provided by Yarlington, of threshold mats.
  • Repair or replacement, where provided by Yarlington, of rainwater butts.
  • Internal decorations.
  • Making good and repairs when vacating the property.
  • Sweeping of chimneys.
  • Fencing that fixes the boundaries between two properties - not adjacent to public areas, public footpaths, busy main  roads, or areas of danger.
  • Lifting of flooring to gain access to carry out a repair.
  • Repair or replacement of anything belonging to Yarlington which is damaged or made defective through the action or neglect of you, your visitors or anyone living with you.

For full details see page 31 of your resident handbook