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Mutual Exchange

A Mutual Exchange is when tenants living in 2 separate properties decide that they wish to exchange homes.  Any assured tenant can apply for a mutual exchange with any other assured or secure tenant. The other person does not have to be living in a Yarlington Housing Group property. There are certain rules about who is eligible for an exchange. You will not be allowed to move if you owe any rent and you can only apply if you are an 'Assured' or 'Secure' tenant, you have complied with the Terms and Conditions of your Tenancy Agreement and the proposed exchange would not lead to under occupation or overcrowding in either of the properties.

Your new home must be suitable for your needs. It must not be too big or too small. Some homes have been adapted or designed for people with special needs - unless you have special needs you will not qualify for these properties. If you are swapping with a tenant from outside Yarlington Housing Group, we will provide the other landlord with a report on you. They will provide us in turn with a report on our new customers. Once the exchange is agreed your property will be inspected and you will be told of any work that needs doing before you move.

To download our moving in leaflet, click on the link.

To download our Mutual Exchange Policy, click on the link.

Terminating Tenancy


If you wish to give termination on your tenancy; four weeks is required and taken from the next Monday. For example if you gave termination on Wednesday 1st January your four weeks notice would be taken from Monday 6th January and your keys due back Monday 3rd February. We can take verbal termination initially over the phone but written, signed termination (both tenants if a joint tenancy) is required within 7 days of your verbal notice. All property keys need to be returned to our Head Office, Lupin Way, Yeovil BA22 8WN before 12:00pm on the Monday your notice ends. We do have a letterbox in which keys can be posted out of office hours and will be actioned the next working day morning. Keys returned after 12:00pm on the Monday will incur an additional weeks rent.


Garages notice is also taken from the next Monday and depending on when your first set up your garage tenancy depends on the notice period. If your garage tenancy started before April 1st 2007 then you only need to give 1 weeks notice, after this time it is 2 weeks notice. All garage keys need to be returned to the office before 12:00pm on the Monday your notice ends. Keys returned after 12:00pm on the Monday will incur an additional weeks rent.

On Death

If you need to give termination of a tenancy in an event of a tenant passing away please inform us as soon as possible. Notice is taken from the next Monday and is a period of two weeks, please be aware that rent is still due for this notice period and Housing Benefit do not cover this (the estate is responsible for this amount). If you require additional time for the notice period please let us know but this will be added weekly and still charged the weekly rent. Keys returned after 12:00pm on the Monday will incur an additional weeks rent.


If you or your new landlord require a tenancy reference regarding your current or former tenancy then there is a £64.00 admin fee due before and signed authority (signed document agreeing for Yarlington to share your details with the agency) required if the agency is not part of the Choice Based Lettings Partnership. Alternative you may find a rent statement is sufficient which you can get from the Customer Portal.

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